March 5th-9th

Native Planting Week

Seasons Path works very closely with a community of people who do beautiful  work giving back to the earth, restoring our natural native land. We collaborate with Channel Island Restoration, Santa Barbara County Parks and Local Native Gardeners to give back to Mother Earth who endlessly gives to us everyday. 

We will have projects and gardening activities scheduled throughout the week.  There will be a hiking trip with native plant identification. We will be learning about native fruit bearing trees, learning how to identify edible plants and we will be having discussions about the impact of the drought. 

This is a wonderful time for parents to get into the yard or planter boxes at home and garden with your child(ren) This is the perfect time to plant Tomatoes, bell peppers, peas, melon, cucumbers, summer squash, etc. If you are new to gardening, would appreciate consulting on your outdoor space, or want to find a way to involve your child, please reach out to Annie or Christie.

Much Love,

Seasons Path