February 5th - 9th

Love Letters Week

Staff will have multiple projects happening with the children revolving around love letters.  We will be working on "writing" letters, mailing forest fairy treasures as well as hand me down gifts to peers and family. 

Please Send your child to school with a paper in a sealed bag (protected from spills) that has your home address(es) for mom and dad, grandparents addresses, any other close relatives such as cousins, god-parents, best friend neighbors, etc. We also ask each family to send a pack of stamps (any remaining from your child will be sent home at the end of the week). We will be supporting the children in letting us know who they want to send each package to. 

Seasons Path will be taking a trip to the post offices to support the children in mailing their love letters. They will be meeting postal workers and will have opportunities to discuss their questions about the mail system. 

Some children will have big feelings and fears come up around sending off a package and may choose to not send it out of attachment or fear of it getting lost. 

We encourage parents to send letters to their children this week at school (or a bit earlier to ensure it arrives) Staff will collect the mail and hand it out to the children at school and remember how the postal workers who we met worked hard to ensure it got to us.

We hope you enjoy any treasured gifts or love letters that may arrive at your home. 

-Please note, you may want to open your Seasons Love Letters outdoors.

Much Love,

Seasons Path