December 4th - 8th

Bird Feeding Week- Staff will be working with the children on noticing the decrease in bird activity. Staff will be assisting the children in critical thinking around reasons they may not be flying as much, if they have any needs through the Winter season and how we may be able to support them. 

We will be telling the children about the impacts of chasing the birds and how now more than ever, we have to work on our self control and compassion to help keep the birds alive. Many of our three year olds may come home discussing death for the first time as they are becoming developmentally aware of death and may have questions about its permanency. We encourage parents to check in with us as you walk through questions or conversations you are unsure about.  Our culture struggles with death and many of our parents were never properly educated or supported about death. The easiest tool we can give is to be honest and brief. Simple and scientific. Don't be gray in your answers and it can create fear for the children. They can handle much more truth than we often give them credit for. 

If you yourself are struggling with processing death this season, please take the time to check in with Annie or Christie for support around walking through how to process openly and safely with your children.

Much Love,

Seasons Path